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Password:JDM Ruckus/Zoomer
The Ruckus is latest and greatest craze to make its way over from Japan. The Ruckus is one of the best things to come from Japan since the Civic and the Integra. It is only fitting that they are all made by the same manufacturer. The Ruckus is such an awesome scooter, I think everybody should make their way to the dealership and bring one home. It’s like a toy, except that scooter wasn’t built for kids, it was built as a way to commute, but here at PWJDM… everything becomes fun, one way or another! So we had to trick our Ruckus out and take it a step or two further.

Ruckus Accessories Ruckus Accessories
Password:JDM accessories for the Ruckus/Zoomer scooter.
Ruckus Body Panels Ruckus Body Panels
Password:JDM dry carbon fiber and carbon kevlar body panels for the Ruckus/Zoomer scooter.
Ruckus Chassis Parts Ruckus Chassis Parts
Password:JDM chassis parts for the Ruckus/Zoomer scooter.
Ruckus Engine Parts Ruckus Engine Parts
Password:JDM engine parts for the Ruckus/Zoomer scooter.
Ruckus Ghost Cover Ruckus Ghost Cover
Password:JDM ghost covers for the Ruckus/Zoomer scooter.
Ruckus Steering & Controls Ruckus Steering & Controls
Password:JDM Ruckus / Zoomer steering & control related parts
Ruckus Suspension / Wheels / Brakes Ruckus Suspension / Wheels / Brakes
Password:JDM Suspension, Wheel, Brake parts for the Honda Ruckus / Zoomer Scooter