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TEIN Suspension Toyota

About TEIN Suspension Toyota
With TEIN Suspension for Toyota vehicles, drivers will feel an increase in stability, and grip, while maintaining good ride quality on the street and freeway. A shortened shell case is utilized to allow for better ride and improved performance at lowered ride heights. TEIN offers Dampers, Springs, Pillow Ball Mounts, EDFC, and Hood Dampers for Toyota Vehicles

Tein Basic Damper Tein Basic Damper (Toyota)

The Tein Basic Damper for Toyota vehicles offers a high quality coilover system at an entry level price. Drivers will feel in increase in stability, and grip, while maintaining good ride quality on...

List Price: $899.99 Your Price: $810.00

Tein CS Damper Tein CS Damper (Toyota)

Tein CS Damper for Toyota vehicles has been specifically designed for drivers seeking to improve performance, without sacrificing ride quality. Vehicle sway is reduced to increase stability during ...

Your Price: $1,699.99

Tein EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) Tein EDFC (Toyota)

The Tein EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) for Toyota vehicles makes it possible for the driver to control the damping force at the touch of a button while in the driverfs seat. This is a...

Your Price: $418.99

Tein Flex Damper Tein Flex Damper (Toyota)

TEIN has used its years of experience in various motor sports to produce the Tein Flex Damper for Toyota vehicles. The Tein Flex Damper provides the ultimate balance between comfort and performance...

Your Price: $1,789.99

Tein High Tech Springs Tein High Tech Springs (Toyota)

The Tein High Tech Springs for Toyota vehicles utilize the latest spring and material technology to optimize comfort, performance, and quality. Designed and tested in North America to be used in co...

Your Price: $279.99

Tein Pillow Ball Tension Rod Tein Pillow Ball Tension Rod (Toyota)

Tein Pillow Ball Tension Rods for Toyota vehicles are designed to replace the OEM bushing type rods. The pillowball type ends help to improve both vehicle acceleration and deceleration by limiting ...

Your Price: $307.99

Tein RA Damper Tein RA Damper (Toyota)
The Tein RA Damper for Toyota vehicles has been designed for advanced circuit racing and street use for experienced drivers. It incorporates a newly designed mono-tube structure, which allows for maxi...

Your Price: $1,547.99
Tein RE Damper Tein RE Damper (Toyota)
The Tein RE Damper for Toyota vehicles is like the Type RA, but with an added full-length adjustment system. Ride height is adjustable without changing the preload of spring. This is the special featu...

Your Price: $2,106.99
Tein S.Tech Springs Tein S.Tech Springs (Toyota)

The Tein S.Tech Springs for Toyota vehicles are an excellent step towards suspension tuning. They offer approximately a 1.5 inch drop for a more aggressive appearance and increased road holding cap...

Your Price: $259.99

Tein Super Street Damper Tein Super Street Damper (Toyota)

The Tein Super Street Damper for Toyota vehicles was designed for drivers seeking improved handling on the street and at the track. A shortened shell case is utilized to allow the most piston strok...

Your Price: $1,199.99