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TEIN Suspension Honda / Acura

About TEIN Suspension Honda / Acura
With TEIN Suspension for Honda & Acura vehicles, drivers will feel an increase in stability, and grip, while maintaining good ride quality on the street and freeway. A shortened shell case is utilized to allow for better ride and improved performance at lowered ride heights. TEIN offers Dampers, Springs, Pillow Ball Mounts, EDFC, and Hood Dampers for Honda / Acura Vehicles

Tein Basic Damper Tein Basic Damper (Honda / Acura)

The Tein Basic Damper for Honda / Acura vehicles offers a high quality coilover system at an entry level price. Drivers will feel in increase in stability, and grip, while maintaining good ride qua...

List Price: $899.99 Your Price: $810.00

Tein CS Damper Tein CS Damper (Honda / Acura)

Tein CS Damper for Honda / Acura vehicles has been specifically designed for drivers seeking to improve performance, without sacrificing ride quality. Vehicle sway is reduced to increase stability ...

Your Price: $1,699.99

Tein EDFC ( Electronic Damping Force Controller ) Tein EDFC (Honda / Acura)

The Tein EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) for Honda / Acura vehicles makes it possible for the driver to control the damping force at the touch of a button while in the driverfs seat. Th...

Your Price: $417.99

Tein Flex Damper Tein Flex Damper (Honda / Acura)

TEIN has used its years of experience in various motor sports to produce the Tein Flex Damper for Honda / Acura vehicles. The Tein Damper provides the ultimate balance between comfort and performan...

List Price: $1,689.99 Your Price: $1,530.00

Tein High Tech Springs Tein High Tech Springs (Honda / Acura)

The Tein High Tech Springs for Honda / Acura vehicles utilize the latest spring and material technology to optimize comfort, performance, and quality. Designed and tested in North America to be use...

List Price: $279.99 Your Price: $225.00

Tein HT Damper Tein HT Damper (Honda / Acura)
We have been cultivating technology through Tarmac racing like Gymkhana. The Tein HT Damper for Honda vehicles feature separate compression / rebound damping force adjusting mechanism makes it easy to...

Your Price: $1,979.99
Tein Pillow Ball Upper Mount Tein Pillow Ball Upper Mount (Honda / Acura)

The Tein Pillow Ball Upper Mounts for Honda / Acura vehicles are designed to offer greater feed back by eliminating the deflection in OEM rubber bushings. A NWB spherical bearing is used in place o...

Your Price: $165.99

Tein S.Tech Springs Tein S.Tech Springs (Honda / Acura)

The Tein S.Tech Springs for Honda / Acura vehicles are an excellent step towards suspension tuning. They offer approximately a 1.5 inch drop for a more aggressive appearance and increased road hold...

List Price: $259.99 Your Price: $195.00

Tein Super Racing Damper Tein Super Racing Damper (Honda / Acura)

Developed from actual competition, TEIN was able to create a fully adjustable damper that can be easily tuned for any track and weather conditions. The Tein Super Racing Damper for Honda / Acura ve...

Your Price: $2,879.99

Tein Super Street Damper Tein Super Street Damper (Honda / Acura)

The Tein Super Street Damper for Honda / Acura vehicles was designed for drivers seeking improved handling on the street and at the track. A shortened shell case is utilized to allow the most pisto...

List Price: $1,199.99 Your Price: $1,080.00