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Skunk2 Engine

About Skunk2 Engine
Skunk2 Pro Series / Tuner Series Camshafts & Cam Gears for Honda Vehicles. Skunk2 Racing also develops and innovates high performance engine intake manifolds, fuel rails, and throttle bodies.

Skunk2 Billet Throttle Bodies Skunk2 Billet Throttle Bodies
Skunk2 Billet Pro Series Throttle Bodies for B series, H series, K series, and Evo 4G63 increases horsepower and torque by optimizing airflow to your engine. On forced induction applications, this quick bolt-on has shown gains of 50+HP. On high-output naturally aspirated engines, we have seen gains of 10+ HP.
Skunk2 Cam Gears Skunk2 Cam Gears
Skunk2 Cam Gears for Honda / Acura and Mitsubishi vehicles allow engine tuners to optimize horsepower and torque by adjusting camshaft timing. All Skunk2 Racing adjustable cam gears are CNC Machined from billet aluminum.
Skunk2 Camshaft Skunk2 Camshaft
Skunk2 camshaft for Honda / Acura and Mitsubishi vehicles are designed to optimize mid-range and top-end HP and TQ. VTEC crossover is seamless allowing for the broadest possible powerband. No other line of racing cams can even come close to the performance of the Skunk2 Racing camshafts.
Skunk2 Engine Internals Skunk2 Engine Internals
Skunk2 Engine Internals including valvesprings, retainers and valves are designed, developed and tested in-house to ensure the highest quality and greatest performance gains. Manufactured from the best materials available, our valvetrain components provide exceptional performance, reliability, and quality.
Skunk2 Fuel Rails Skunk2 Fuel Rails
Skunk2 fuel rails are made using a proprietary casting process, from a carbon reinforced aerospace thermo-polymer composite that is 33% lighter, 60% stronger, and runs up to 100ºF cooler than aluminum. Keeping the air and fuel cooler results in a significant increase in horsepower and torque.
Skunk2 Intake Systems Skunk2 Intake Systems
Skunk2’s Cold-Air Intake is manufactured from molded polymer plastic for superior intake air insulation when compared to aluminum as well as for a smooth, continuous taper. When compared to aluminum, the thicker polymer material results in a superior thermal barrier and lower intake air temperatures.
Skunk2 Radiators Skunk2 Radiators
Skunk2’s all-aluminum, full-size Radiators are a direct-fit upgrade designed to dramatically increase both cooling efficiency and engine performance. Alpha Series Radiators are manufactured from lightweight and durable aluminum, feature 100-percent brazed cores, and include polished end tanks with Skunk2’s signature Alpha logo embossed along each side.