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Polini Variator for Yamaha Zuma 125cc

Polini Variator for Yamaha Zuma 125cc

Part Number: 241.601
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Polini Variator for Yamaha Zuma 125cc Description

This should be the first thing you mod on your engine. The Polini Variator for the Yamaha Zuma will give you a quicker acceleration and higher top end speed.

Tuning Tips:
Light rollers are good for quick acceleration, stop and go riding and hills, but you loose top end speed. Heavy rollers will give you a higher top end speed (long roads) but you will loose low end acceleration.

If you’re a heavy person (and/or) if you have a stock motor you will want to lean towards the lighter rollers. If you are a light person (under 140lbs) or you have a big bore you will want heavier rollers.

Rollers included:
6pc. 16x13 yellow 6 grams
3pc. 16x13 grey 7 grams

Each scooter will vary.

This item usually ships out in 1-2 business days from the original purchase date.

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