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Password:JDM Products
This section contains the official line of Password:JDM products! Here is where you'll find high quality parts and accessories at the best prices! Everything from apparel, bars, carbon fiber, and more!

Get the latest accessories from Password:JDM such as license plate frames, decals, shift knobs and more! It makes a statement when you are seen with Password:JDM accessories on your ride. All of the other enthusiasts will be impressed with your sense of style. Then when they ask where you got all of your accessories from you can tell them at Password:JDM; the place that supplies you with the best accessories!

Password:JDM Accessories
The Best JDM inspired gear available anywhere!!! PasswordJDM is commited to giving you nothing but the best... compare our gear to anybody elses... Hands Down and its pretty much Game Over... nothing the competition has even compares or comes close to Password's. Just like everything else we do... its gotta be #1. Our gears are engineered to the exact specifications of the true diehard JDM enthusiast. We sat down a group of guys and asked them what they liked most... and this is what we came up with. We hope you like too!

Password:JDM Apparel
Complete your JDM Car Build with a pair of JDM Style Fenders by Password:JDM. All  Password:JDM body panels feature OEM fit and finish, and are ready for paint!

Password:JDM Body Panels
Save money when you purchase our products bundled together in a package deal! We have hand picked Password:JDM products that complement each other, and then priced them to save YOU money!

Password:JDM Combo Packages
Password:JDM aluminum cooling plates for most popular models. Unlike other plates, which, are press stamped or hand sheared, resulting in coarse edges, Password:JDM cooling plates are laser cut from high grade aluminum alloy sheets. Each one of our plates are then hand formed and coated here in the US with our exclusive color, Password:JDM Bronze. Another exceptional Product from Password:JDM!

Password:JDM Cooling Plates
Dry Carbon is functional, ultra light weight, and is truly how carbon fiber products were meant to be made. Obtaining maximum weight reduction and superior strength are some of the advantages of Dry carbon. The cost is a lot more, but it’s well worth it for us.

Password:JDM Dry Carbon/Kevlar Composites
Password:JDM engine related parts. This is where you can find the latest and greatest... not your average go fast goodies, but the little things you need thats not offered anywhere else. We like filling the void often left behind by the companies headed by Go Fast Gurus. Check this section out and be sure to grab a few items while you can before you wish you did.. its not too late, or is it?

Password:JDM Engine Components
Introducing the all-new Password Hood Dampers! Hood dampers looks great, works wonderfully, are offered by many companies, but not all of them are the same. Not trying to brag, but our hood dampers will kick the shit out of anything offered by anyone else.

Password:JDM Hood Dampers
Brakes are the one area of performance modifications that are often misunderstood. Some think the OEM stock is fine, some think that BBKs are a must, and there are probably a dozen or so opinions about x-drilled and/or slotted rotors. Let’s set the record straight once and for all. Start with what you have, and if that currently works for you, keep it. When its time for you to upgrade the performance of your car and step up your driving style, then maybe its time to upgrade your brakes as well. This is where we step in!

Password:JDM Performance Brake Rotors
Made of aerospace quality carbon fiber, the Password:JDM Carbon Fiber Power Chamber Intake surpasses any other intake on the market in quality, and in performance. Manufactured here in the USA, the Power Chamber is constructed of the finest carbon fiber, and filter elements currently available on the market.

Password:JDM PowerChamber
The Ruckus is latest and greatest craze to make its way over from Japan. The Ruckus is one of the best things to come from Japan since the Civic and the Integra. It is only fitting that they are all made by the same manufacturer. The Ruckus is such an awesome scooter, I think everybody should make their way to the dealership and bring one home. It’s like a toy, except that scooter wasn’t built for kids, it was built as a way to commute, but here at PWJDM… everything becomes fun, one way or another! So we had to trick our Ruckus out and take it a step or two further.

Password:JDM Ruckus/Zoomer
Password:JDM front and rear strut tower bars, and lower tie bars. All our bars are hand made to specifications here in the US. Everything from the machining, tubing extrusion, welding, and coating. Each individual weld shows off our mark of quality and commitment to excellence. Be proud of the fact that when you buy Password:JDM bars, you are buying one of the best!

Password:JDM Strut Tower Bars
Password:JDM Suspension Parts & Accessories

Password:JDM Suspension
Password:JDM wiring... this is where you can find the little extras that make your installs/life that much easier... go to any of our so called competitors, see if they have anything like this... see if they can even come close... yeah, you can buy the side markers/lights from them, i'm sure you'll be back to buy the wires from us if you're smart. This is another reason we are who we are. Password makes it happen! Just remember that when you are working on your car. Everything you can find here is intended to save you time and money and prevent a headache. Dont take it for granted.

Password:JDM Wiring / Lighting
Password Custom Forged Wheels