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Password:JDM Engine Components
Password:JDM engine related parts. This is where you can find the latest and greatest... not your average go fast goodies, but the little things you need thats not offered anywhere else. We like filling the void often left behind by the companies headed by Go Fast Gurus. Check this section out and be sure to grab a few items while you can before you wish you did.. its not too late, or is it?

The Password:JDM Battery Relocator nicely tucks the battery next to the frame rail in a position that is about as out of the way as it can possibly get. By doing this, you solve your space and clutter problem in the engine bay.

Battery Relocator Kits
Password:JDM Dry Carbon is functional, ultra light weight, and is truly how carbon fiber products were meant to be made. Obtaining maximum weight reduction and superior strength are some of the advantages of Dry carbon. The cost is a lot more, but it’s well worth it for us.

Dry Carbon/Kevlar Composite Engine Accessories
Password:JDM engine accessories

Engine Accessories
Password:JDM exhaust system related components

Exhaust System
Password:JDM Thermal Shield Intake Gaskets are inexpensive and very effective! By using a special material, the intake manifold is better insulated from the hot cylinder head.

Intake Gaskets
Made of aerospace quality carbon fiber, the Password:JDM Carbon Fiber Power Chamber Intake surpasses any other intake on the market in quality, and in performance. Manufactured here in the USA, the Power Chamber is constructed of the finest carbon fiber, and filter elements currently available on the market.

Intake Systems
The Password:JDM Pro Line Performance Aluminum Radiator line is designed with a large core to maximize cooling efficiency, boost engine functions, and protect your car from overheating. It is the ideal upgrade to the stock radiator.

Pro Line Aluminum Radiators
By preventing air to escape over the top of the radiator, the Password:JDM radiator cooling plates allow a maximum amount of airflow directly to your radiator, resulting in reduced coolant temperatures during aggressive driving.

Radiator Cooling Plates
This is where you can find the little extras that make your installs/life that much easier.