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About K-Tuned
K-Tuned has it’s roots firmly set in the import racing scene. With over 15 years of experience building and tuning cars, we have laid a solid foundation when it comes to designing quality and innovative products. And with the inception of the K-Tuned brand in 2005, we have taken that combined experience and set out to achieve a clear goal. And by doing so, have set several standards in the industry as the original designer of many K-swap parts seen today.

K-Tuned Suspension K-Tuned Suspension
K-Tuned traction bars and front stabilizer bars
K-Tuned Engine K-Tuned Engine
K-Tuned throttle bodies, oil pans, dip sticks, injectors, oil caps, shifter kits, coil pack covers and more
K-Tuned Exhaust K-Tuned Exhaust
K-Tuned oval exhaust systems, race headers, high flow catalytic converters, and O2 bungs.
K-Tuned Pulleys K-Tuned Pulleys
K-Tuned adjustable pulley kit, a/c and p/s eliminator kits, belts and water plates
K-Tuned Fuel System K-Tuned Fuel System
K-Tuned fuel rails, injectors, filters, lines, regulators, pressure gauges, fittings and more
K-Tuned Intake System K-Tuned Intake System
K-Tuned throttle bodies, ram air intakes, velocity stacks, manifold gaskets, and couplers
K-Tuned Wiring K-Tuned Wiring
K-Tuned conversion harnesses, tps sensors, ecu jumper harnesses, immobilizer bypass, and throttle boosters
K-Tuned Hoses K-Tuned Hoses
K-Tuned radiator hose kits and heater hoses
K-Tuned Radiators K-Tuned Radiators
K-Tuned radiators, caps, brackets and fans
K-Tuned Block Off Plates K-Tuned Block Off Plates
K-Tuned water plates, block off plates, and electric water pumps
K-Tuned Shifting K-Tuned Shifting
K-Tuned shift knobs, shifter boxes, shifter cables, transmission brackets, and more