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GReddy Engine Parts
Greddy Metal Head Gaskets, Greddy Cam Gears, Greddy Timing Belts, Greddy Camshafts, Greddy Spark Plugs, and Greddy Pulley Kits.

Increased turbo boost means increased cylinder pressure. These special metal reinforced Head Gaskets are designed to withstand the excessive temperature and cylinder pressure of an ultra high output engine. Choices vary from factory thickness for stock compression to thicker gaskets to reduce the compression of your engine. Generally, a lower compression will provide you with increased engine life.

GReddy Metal Head Gasket
Engineered to increase heat-resistance, flexibility and durability, GReddy Extreme Timing Belts reduce the chances of cracking from heat, inconsistent timing from stretching and skipping or snapping. Improvements in materials and construction lead to a more reliable belt that will be more consistent and last longer.

GReddy Timing Belts
The GReddy Camshaft Sets are designed to improve the torque and power characteristic of your engine, without changing the valve timing or need to change other valvetrain components. By keeping things simple with an matched set of intake and exhaust camshafts, installation is straightforward and users can easily experience and enjoy their improvements of a wider usalble powerband without the loss of driviablity or idle.

GReddy Camshafts
Made form billet aluminum and anodized in blue, GReddy Pulley kits reduce reciprocating mass as well slow down accessories. Decrease engine drag while increasing the engine appearance. Labeled with the GReddy Logo, these overdrive kits do not alter the main crank pulley.

GReddy Pulley Kits