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Advan / Yokohama Wheels

About Advan / Yokohama Wheels
Advan Racing / Yokohama wheels, utilizing only the finest in materials, specifications, and manufacturing techniques, Yokohama wheels deliver superior performance and enhance the image of your performance vehicle.

Advan RZ Wheels Advan RZ Wheels
The Advan Racing RZ Wheel features a Flared 10-spoke design. The unique aspects of the Advan Racing RZ include a three-dimensional Advan Racing logo cut off the surface of the wheel.
Advan RG II Wheels Advan RG II Wheels
The Advan Racing RGII features a 6-spoke one-piece wheel design offers a more powerful look with bold modifications based on the RG-GTR design. Also, the Advan RG II wheel center has been designed to be as small as possible without sacrificing strength to give a longer concaved spoke design.
Advan RCIII Wheels Advan RCIII Wheels
The Advan Racing RCIII wheel is a one piece wheel with a 10 spoke design. The Advan RCIII wheel’s 10 Spoke design allowed designers to create a structurally rigid rim with consistent strength all round. New casting technology also ensures weight lightweight characteristics.
Advan RS-D Wheels Advan RS-D Wheels
The RS-D wheel is a one piece wheel with a 10 spoke design that is very similar to that of the Advan RS wheels. Between the rim and the spokes is a raised section, 1mm high that contains the Advan Racing Logo. After the painting process is complete this logo is shaved to expose the metal of the rim.